• 2023-01-15 23:30:00 +0000

Long time no post everyone. I have been busy like crazy lately with doing some personal things and working full-time recently for a new startup company so things been hectic with doing work and podcast stuff. We recenlty lost a member of our party and I had stopped editing the podcast because I was working on a new PC for myself, my fiance, and kids. So that was a big project and finally have finished a lot of the work, just need to finish my middle daughter PC when I go home to visit in the summer. But, I wanted to inform anyone that I am offering free web design and development services for anyone that wants to use it.

This is being offered as a special right now due to I am looking to work on a project in the meantime while I work full-time at the startup. So if anyone wants to get a free website then you can just contact me via the contact form and placing in the subject of “Free Web Design Offer 303” so that I can know you are a real person - too many spammers lately.