First client based JekyllRB for a non-profit based in New York City

Updated from an old HTML transitional to a modern easy to manage data delivery system with Jekyll

Disabled In Action - NYC

Here is the case study from working with the project Disabled In Action - NYC

Helping those with disablities each day

DIA - NYC is a non-profit based in NYC that has been fighting the good fight to help bring equality with disabilities for years. They came to me through Taproot+ to help them with their website needs. I saw this website as a challenge to use the new platform that I planned to use for easier content management for non-profits and businesses needed. I loaded Jekyll onto their site which is fast loading and can be handled through Netlify.

The original site was in need of a change in structure, content flow, and overall design. The colors needed to standout for the sections as they were the primary way of getting attention to key points. I wanted to give them a more modern and functional website this go around so that they can be up with the times. The last version of the site was made around early 2000s, which was a while ago and hasn’t been updated since. Content has but not the overall structure of the site to fit the norm.

With the use of Jekyll, I managed to get the overall speed and functionality of the site to go to 97 overall on desktop and an 88 overall on mobile. The site was a nice test of making a brand new website on Jekyll. The site also saw an increase in overall users and retention rates by 78% and 15% respectively with the new layout. This made it easier for me to load in the content from a string to certain sections of a site instead of constantly adding the same thing on each page over and over. I would say that Jekyll was a life saver for this project.

We built the site using Netlify for a dev sandbox while transitioning it from the old website. If you wish to look at the dev build that I worked on alongside the client then you can go to the site here

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