Making painters look and feel amazing in Denver, CO

Commercial painters needed a touch up and I provided that quick improvement to their overall feel

Craft Painters

Here is the case study from working with the project Craft Painters

SMB Growth

Craft Painters was a client I had the pleasure of working with during my stent at a local agency in Denver. They came to us with a goal in mind of updating their site from the table format style they had to a nice WordPress structure that flows and updated.

The original site design of the company was a bit outdated and need of a structure change. I took it upon myself to work on making an updated design that would fit well into their original site but also provide an easy user experience. The first step was getting the colors that they used and focus around that for their CTA functions. I gathered that a highlight yellow and grey was their overal color usage from the past. So I came up with about 2 versions of the site homepage that would allow easy usage but also give it an easy flow of content.

  • Category : commercial
  • Date : 2019-05-01
  • Client : Craft Painters
  • Address :
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