Non-profit work for empowering women in New York

Non-proift based in Southeast Queens, NY. They thrive to empower women that have been in domestic violence/abouse situations and use art as a medium to express it.

The Original Version of the Website

The original design for the Art Transforms Inc. website that I worked on

The Fresh Look at the Project

The revision for the current website based on the Jekyll platform

Art Transforms Inc.

Here is the case study from working with the project Art Transforms Inc.

Helping a non-profit brand expand

Art Transforms Inc. was founded in 2016 in Southeast Queens, New York City as a way to help people with trauma in free art classes and showcasing their talent. Naturally this was a touchup of branding. The original site was a bit in need of a redesign to match their needs. Something simple, but still artistic and unique. Although the site has gone back to their original design due to their request, the update of some content area points has made an increase for them overall.

The project came to me with a request of an update to their overal site design. I came up with concept of changing the overal structure to being a more open spaced feel to be welcoming. I focused on the color structure that they choose as their primary for the call to action buttons. The color of the blue and purple was my main focus for the colors in their theme with white being the primary background used. The design took around a week to finalize and get down to a unified look and flow.

The website was updated as a basic HTML template first to test out the capabilities with the Bootstrap framework that I was going to use for them. I built it into a full test website in around a week time and was getting it ready for transfer until we decided to stick with the current design and utilize that instead with a content update and change of some sections. Before we did that, I tested out the analytics for the new website structure and speed to show an increase of 45% from what it was a month prior, an increase in users by 22%, and overall a nice 33.5%.

We kept the norm for the website as it was with some changes here and there. I installed an optimization plugin to help with the content and images. I have it run on a constant optimization since their service runs through GoDaddy and it is setup for optimization for their site.

  • Category : non-profit
  • Date : 2019-10-14
  • Client : Wanda Best
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