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Jekyll based designer and developer making high-quality branding

Southern techy that moved West Coast

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Born and raised in Alabama. From the early youth of middle school I had a passion for design and all things pixel. I been working on my craft since 2005 on my own and been making it happen. Slowly I made my way west to Colorado where I currently reside. I have done many work in the field of UI/UX Design and Development. Over the years I have worked with different companies and organizations. The speciality started in small - medium businesses and have grown to specialization for non-profits.

  • Been designing and developing since 2005
  • Detailed oriented UI/UX Designer
  • Started to enjoy IE with emergence of MS Edge
  • A #GirlDad and proud of his Dad jokes
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I offer a range of services, here are my top 3 below

Ui/Ux Designer

  • Concept
  • Prototyping

Making a website can be a challenge, but I am ready for it

Price150$ - 400$


  • Marketing
  • Design

A change can be a great start to get you back on track

Price100$ - 300$


  • Custom Tailored
  • Content Editing

Full tailored development services with content editing support

Price225$ - 1300$

The Process

Everyone has a process on how they work, mines is detailed oriented and it shows

  • Brainstorm the project

    Talk it over with you from A to Z

    We have a meeting via phone, video, or in-person about the project: goals, timeframe, needs of the website, ideas, and etc.

  • Sketches Abold

    From pen and paper to code

    Start working on the design and drafts. After we have come up with the draft, then start the CMS intergration.

  • Final Improvements

    Polish The Diamond

    Testing the website for any bugs that it might have. Then once it is finished from the dev side of things I transfer it over.


My Skills

Constantly training myself to grow and expand as a Ui/Ux designer & developer

Developer Skills

Adobe XD

My Twitch Channel

Occasionally when I work I like to listen to music, watch YouTube, or a stream on Twitch. So why not take a look at my Twitch if you want to have a releaxing day with FE.

My Twitch


Some of my experience I have amased over the years in Ui/Ux Design

B Whiting Designs

2005 - present

Started since middle school

I started working as a freelancer since middle school when I was getting my feet wet. I only was able to make websites using Notepad in basic HTML and inline CSS. Worked with over 20 different projects during my time on and off as a freelancer. While working, I dabbled in Ruby, custom video game coding languages such as Eclipse and Gen2D (SandScript), and occasional WordPress. Lately has transitioned to JekyllRB for easier and faster development process.

  • Custom developmet and design
  • Built non-profit organization websites
  • Increase overall conversion rate by 25.8% on average

Native Rank

Feb. 2019 - Aug. 2019

One of their first web designers

I was hired on as a web designer for their company and found out to be one of the first two web designers they hired for the position. Started working with them and worked with over 20 projects with them. Specialized on the design team and worked with the post-development team for content updates and changes, along with analytics reports.

  • Second of the web designers to work with them
  • Handled large scale local business companies in restoration and services
  • Helped with design to dev tools for easier transitions amongst the teams

Worked with WordPress, Adobe XD, and Photoshop with them for all client websites

Madness Labs

2014 - 2015

First agency

Started with them as my first agency and their first web designer. Built the company first website as a startup and helped with development projects for the clients and applications made. Got my grasp on Ruby while working with the company that later helped me with expanding my horizon with the new flat cms and static site generators.

  • Used Handlebars for website developments
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Worked with AngularJS and Ionic for application development

Adobe Creative Suite experience

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Some response from clients that I have worked with recently

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