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  • All payments are considered as retainer payments or down payments that are non-refundable unless stated otherwise.
  • Any work that is made using JekyllRB as the site builder would need to have all required accounts setup for transfer of said files to your own private repository for safe keeping.
  • Any maintenance fee work is considered charged upon the completion of website for live publishing and making major changes outisde of text corrections or image corrections. This is due to the work has been completed and accepted for final production. Any work requested outside of work meaning adding in new content that was never there upon final uploading is considered part of new work tasks that are now in maintenance fee categories.
  • Communication is a must as this is how work can be completed and finalized so that your project is to your liking. If no communication is done after multiple attempts then any refunds can be null and void.
  • If any issue arise with the website that needs to be taken cared of or brought to your attention - contact me immediately via email or phone number(s) given so that we can get it handled and corrected.
  • Any domains that needs to be forwarded for the IP needs to be informed at the start or before finalization of site transfer so all IPs point correctly to lessen any issues.
  • Anything requested to be made for IE9 will not be able to be done as it is no longer up to website code standards. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera are the normal standards, so browsers using their version of the codes will be used.
  • Payments are to be made in full upon completion, when paid in full that means the project has been completed and any outside work would be charged accordingly based on the scope and size.
  • Any payments that are later than 14 days are automatically charged per card on file if used prior due to Stripe payment platform.
  • Any support requests are to be submitted to the support ticket email listed here:

Refunds are given back within a 2 to 3 business day timeframe for any works that are agreed upon to be refunded.

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