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25 September 2020

A local poet
expressing herself on WordPress

Artist came from PG County, Maryland to Alabama and making a name for herself as a poet. Working on the WordPress platform and updating it to make it soft and comfortable for the eyes to follow.

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The Poetic Mistress - S. D. Johnson

S. D. Johnson is a poet, writer, and blogger that came to me in September of 2020 looking for assistance with updating her site. She wanted to bring a new change of flow and style to her site that expresses her peronsally. The original site was a basic version of itself and in need of a refresher, so my job was to help make it as you say pretty. This started with updating the site from it current version to a more modern version with soft colors and tones.

The Brief

Up and coming writer in Alabama

I meet S. D. Johnson through a mutal friend and she needed help with updating her website from what it was. She recently published her first book at this time called Naked & True Vol. 1 that is currently avaliable on Amazon if you want to purchase it now! She has a creativity that started way before her all the way back to her grandfather and mother that passed it down to her. She noticably has a creativity that is really good for this day and age of 2020 - the year of testing oneself.

Hello my old friend

She said that she wanted to have it flow and show a smooth transition and feeling. Immediately I knew that I could handle this project and make it work. Also she is using the WordPress platform for the project with a prebuilt theme. So I knew that I had to make it work and perfect for her. I took a look over the full website as soon as I got the link and made notes of what can be done - from updating the home page all the way to the contact page. Making this a updating website was a blast because of the process and getting back into an old platform I used to use.

A full service job

I started with updating the page block sections and overall theme that she had. Making things flow easier from top to bottom and giving things space to breathe a bit. WordPress was using the block editor (an older version of Guttenberg editor that the new ones come with) and it was not half bad. Once I had things in the right area, I began work on the content for each page and section that made sense for SEO purposes. With the Yeost plugin I was able to get some key phrases to be used and easier for search engines to rank up higher than what she was at before. Also with her books, I setup the WooCommerce store and products to be easier to purchase through 3rd parties. It overall took 2 full days of work to get it setup and optimized for her.

  • Date : 25 September 2020
  • Client : S. D. Johnson
  • Category : personal
  • Services : Web DesignDevelopmentBrandingSEOContent Editing
  • Programs : WordPress
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