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Adult Day Care
based in North Carolina

A local adult care services based in South Carolina that I worked with to help improve their website. A major update from their past to get them to the present.

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Golden Care Inc.

Golden Care is a non-profit organization that based on providing a wide range of support for health, psycological, and social services in a safe enviornment. They came to me with a request to help get them started in making their website a reality to help with their users and family members of the members. They came via Taproot+ and it was my second one from the company.

The Brief

hospice care strikes home

The non-profit was a model that I really wanted to be apart of due to it striking home for me big. I really felt this one as a project that I wanted to be a part of. With my Grandmother at the time dead and she was being helped by my Aunt, who passed in 2019 just a week and a half after her birthday, this was a project I knew I needed to take. I wanted to give them a new change to help their service get across and be seen. The design of the site was in need of a change as their current site at the time was not updated in some time since 2010 and was never running off a nice framework or platform. The branding was in need of a change and update as well to flow with the rest of the site.

change with the times

Proposing a change for their site was needed - meaning a full structure change, a use of a platform, and optimization of the site. The first one was a design I had to come up with for them that was modern but also included key point sections that can be expanded upon. The design was approved after 2 revisions of the designs. We then decided to test the waters with the use of Jekyll and Netlify so that it can be faster to load and less bloating of features and plugins. With the use of Jekyll we are able to load the plugins and have it run through Netlify CDN for the files to be optimized from the HTML to the JavaScript. My second client that I decided to work this on with and it was going to be amazing.

  • Date : In Progress
  • Client : Lancaster & Rose
  • Category : non-profit
  • Services : UI/UX Design and DevelopmentBrandingSEO
  • Programs : Adobe XDDreamweaverJekyllNetlify
  • Online :
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