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18 July 2019

Restoration company
based in North Carolina

Restoration company that is based in Greenville, NC that I worked on under Native Rank. The site was an updated change for their company on the WordPress CMS.

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Fixed NC

Fixed NC is a North Carolina restoration company that was established in 2018. They have over 30 years of staffing experience combined. A restoration company that wanted to get a restoration of their website design. The original focus on my design was to give it a whitespace and use of background layers behind the images.

The Brief

first bit of my own style injected

I started with a simple change in a design and implanted my own version of it inside. The use of rounded borders made it a bit welcoming to me and the touch of the faded green behind the images was a nice change to get it modern. A box shadow around the box was meant to be there for helping show an effect when it is hovered over. I also helped with writing the code behind the layered box effect with the images and the content boxes using the psuedo ::before and ::after styles. A challenge but was fun to make it so it can be coded and responsive instead of an image each time.

restoration with upscale design

Update of their old site was easy to do as it was a small scale site that was in need of a change. Making a unified site structure was an improvement overall for their design. With a unified structure it helped with user interaction and increase in traffic and calls to their business locally for work. I say that was a job well done in my book, if I do say so myself.

  • Date : 18 July 2019
  • Client : Native Rank
  • Category : commercial
  • Services : UI/UX DesignBrandingContent Editing
  • Programs : PhotoshopWordPress
  • Online :
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