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13 March 2021

A local based elite event planning
for spectacular results for all

This local event planner is based in Montgomery, AL and used a custom built website redesign package. They provide services for all types of events from birthdays to weddings to fundraisers.

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Elite Event Planning

Elite Event Planning was established in 2010 by Consuelo Bradley to help make different use of her talents and skills. This site was made originally to help with multiple brand ideas and not just event planning, but I came to help narrow it down and make the site more specialized for her needs. Working with her, it was a nice way to make changes to the site overall and make her style come to life as elegant.

The Brief

An update of a brand

Consuelo came to me with the idea of rebranding the site for her needs. So the idea was to narrow down the website from all the services she offered to more specific needs. The design was the first step in the process as we needed to make it more elegant and showcase that she meant business but was also worth the money spent. This was one of the 3 projects that I worked on with her to bring down the site into one main website for each service and needs.

Modern design and style

The overall design uses the main colors that she likes of purple to represent the wealth of knowledge she has in the skills, her growth over the years, and also how elegant her work can be. I wanted to give it a nice change with the adding of some elements like card hover effects, use of some updated icons, and format structure to get things in order. The design took roughly a week to come up with and make.

e-commerce intergration

Because this was a service website, we needed to work on a nice e-commerce platform to help with selling of the products that she offers. I came up with different ideas to use, but Snipcart was the one that stuck out the most as it was easier to get setup with Jekyll off the bat and provides easy payment intergrations as well. I made the intergration connect to the Liquid code used in different ways, due to 2 version of the code being made for the product page and individual products. It was a bit hard at first, but determination prevailed and made it work.

  • Date : 13 March 2021
  • Client : Consuelo Bradley
  • Category : commercial
  • Services : Web DesignDevelopmentBrandingSEO
  • Programs : Adobe XDDreamweaverJekyllNetlify
  • Online :
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