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17 October 2020

The official trailer for the
OG Idiots and a DM
that started it all

The start of the official trailer that made it all happen

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Idiots and a DM Trailer

The introduction to the team and the start of something wild that I want to invite you all on a journey with us. A story being made by a group of players new to the game that are making their own path to being great - one way or another. DM handled by Rurk and with a cast of 5 players - one played before and 4 brand new to the game.

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  • Aired : 17 October 2020
  • Category : season 1 blooper
  • Website : Anchor FM
  • Cast :
    • DM Rurk
    • Arcane Knight Sakis played by Brian W.
    • Beast Master Pyria played by LaTashia D.
    • Blood Assassin Crorkiox played by Tray
    • Brute Pa-gog Turko played by Zachary M.
    • Lycan Bloodfiend played by Dayron
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