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16 November 2020

The first blooper episode of
Idiots and a DM

When the DM tries to go off a script but still messes up

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Blooper Intros

Here is a blooper from our Episode 3 - Out of the Dungeon and into the Campaign We were working on the intro for the episode and was trying to do it in one take and this funny moment happen. Thanks in part by our awesome DM Rurk.

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  • Aired : 16 November 2020
  • Category : season 1 blooper
  • Website : Anchor FM
  • Cast :
    • DM your Dungeon Pop Rurk
    • Vengeful Paladin Sakis played by Brian W.
    • Blood Assassin Crorkiox played by Tray
    • Brute Pa-gog Turko played by Zachary M.
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