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08 December 2020

A 2 part episode of
A Just Death by
Idiots and a DM

The team has made it out of the dungeon but what will they find on their way to start their first quest. The challenge awaits them on their journey to find their own path and work together.

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Idiots and a DM Ep. 4 - A Just Death (Pt. 2)

We bring it back to the fight club, but this time it is a full free for all! The Orc has gone through watching the fight and deciding to jump into the fray himself. We also finally meet up with one of the new members of the group, Andril the Eladrin Paladin with a mysterious past. Let's see what unfolds for the group as they have now found out they are being used as a means to gain business.

The Details


This episode was a true test of editing for me. I decided to up the anty and add in more sound effects for the fights and roleplay scenes. So far this was my most trying one but also fun one to edit. Even Rurk went into this with being detailed and making the game even more interactive storywise for us.

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the assets used

Tabeltop Audio
Dark Creatures by Myuu from Free-Stock Music
Off To War by Alexander Nakarada from Free-Stock Music

  • Aired : 08 December 2020
  • Category : season 1 episode
  • Website : Anchor FM
  • Cast :
    • DM your Dungeon Pop Rurk
    • Vengeful Paladin Sakis played by Brian W.
    • Blood Assassin Crorkiox played by Tray
    • Brute Pa-gog Turko played by Zachary M.
    • The Eladrin Paladin Andril played by David
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