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05 November 2020

The second episode of
Idiots and a DM

The battle against the first trial boss for the party. Just know it is going to be a big one to beat as a starter boss.

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Idiots and a DM Ep. 2 - Adventure's Guild (Pt. 2)

The crew has managed to get past a skeleton, a mutated beast, a mimic, and a few rats. Survived a Hydra that nearly killed the Orc and down to 3 party members from the first session that could play. This episode they are coming back from a long rest and must find a way to get out of the dungeon with their bodies in one and get their adventures guild license so they can make money. Will they break down and fail or triumph over it all?! P.S. The other players aren't dead - they just are not able to play for this session

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The team finally manages to work together and come up with a plan to get out, but also maybe impress the higher ups on their way out.

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  • Aired : 05 November 2020
  • Category : season 1 episode
  • Website : Anchor FM
  • Cast :
    • DM your Dungeon Pop Rurk
    • Vengeful Paladin Sakis played by Brian W.
    • Blood Assassin Crorkiox played by Tray
    • Brute Pa-gog Turko played by Zachary M.
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