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17 October 2020

The first episode of
Idiots and a DM

The first episode of the podcast that features the original cast of players that started it all. Oh the fun that we had and also a skeleton can apparently parkour off walls too.

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Idiots and a DM Ep. 1 - Adventure's Guild (Pt. 1)

So this is the first podcast brought to you by the Idiots and a DM crew. We are doing this podcast as a way of sharing our experience of a newbie dungeon and dragons group. Well not all the way tho, 2 of us have played it before in various sessions. This episode will be the first of many to come - hopefully. The audio quality is a bit bad for many of us due to it being last minute and we all are doing it remote with either our phones' or laptops while the DM has his top of the line products. So bare with us during this moment. Our first journey starts in a town and earns our licenses to be adventures.

The Details


This episode includes some amazing story telling on behalf of our DM Rurk and funny scenes involving two characters in the story. They thought it would be nice to touch other people stuff and it backfired. But besides that it also involves a mimic, a damn parkouring skeleton, and a funny blooper part of the recordings as well.

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Dungeons and Dragons by Alexander Nakarada from Free-Stock Music
The City by | e s c p | from Free-Stock Music

  • Aired : 17 October 2020
  • Category : season 1 episode
  • Website : Anchor FM
  • Cast :
    • DM Rurk
    • Arcane Knight Sakis played by Brian W.
    • Beast Master Pyria played by LaTashia D.
    • Blood Assassin Crorkiox played by Tray
    • Brute Pa-gog Turko played by Zachary M.
    • Lycan Bloodfiend played by Dayron
    • Small human in background played by Payton W.
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