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A lone samurai
that is silent and mysterious

A man of quick one witted lines and a bull in a china store.

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The Backstory

Wondering the world in search of something that even he doesn’t know. A believer that through battle and adventure he can find the purpose of his life. He left his mercenary guild of the Gruul, that favored fighting and the love of a battle to be a member of a adventure guild so that he can find his purpose. Found defending himself against a group of trolls in a storm like an old timey kung-fu movie and joining the party after thinking that he could face a dragon alone.

Things that make you say ouch
A weild of strange blades that are curved and quick with some versatility. Called in his homeland as katana and wakizashi. Gives him the ability to make quick multi strike combos and doing acrobatic stunts with ease.
Needed Protection
Known to wear weird armor that seems to look like ladies robes to those that never known. The armor is leather but light weight like a robe to offer speed and manuevrability.
Misc. Gear
No real major gear that he keeps on his person.
  • Name : Yasuke Kenshin
  • Class : Fighter (Samurai)
  • Starting Level : 5
  • Level : 7
  • Age : ???
  • Race : Minatour
  • Proficiency :
    • - silent protagonist type - agile fighter
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