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When your past is dark
and you have an Oath of Vengance

A Paladin with a dark past, friendly demeanor, and going into battle head first to save others.

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The Backstory

An ex-mercenary that was once a part of a guild. A member since he was young and trained in the art of greatsword, longsword, and bows for specialization, while learning the other crafts as well. While he focused on that, his group was ambushed and he lost some people in the process. He later left to join the Elysium Adventures Guild to work on being a Paladin, but within doing so he ended up learning he has a dark side that is trying to take over. Trying to find out the reason why and also to work on building up his own guild in the process with his own crew of misfits.

Things that make you say ouch
He learned the ways of using a big sword from his guild master at the time. So training in the art of hitting someone with a big blade like the greatsword was his main speciality that he mastered. He wanted to have a background in hitting someone at a disatance so he worked hard at being gifted in using a longbow as well.
Needed Protection
Currently he has gone through chain mails that were destroyed by some dwarves and then got some dragon whelp garments, cloak, shoulder guards, and a half plate chest guard in exchange. After meeting with some elves he managed to get some plate armor that only makes it hard for him to sneak - which he was never good at to begin with.
Misc. Gear
He keeps an old guild emblem that he holds dear as his Paladin focus that is shaped in the form of a dragon. Adding the guild patch to his arm as a part of it he has now a new guild honor in mind.
  • Name : Sakis Sarugi
  • Class : Paladin (Oath of Vengance) and Warlock (The Fiend)
  • Starting Level : 5
  • Level : 7
  • Age : 21
  • Race : Human
  • Proficiency :
    • - being the supporting leader - good at last minute demon aka religion checks
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