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He is the father of all creation
the one that gives and taketh

He created the world and can sometimes be an evil person. Also he has impecable rolling skills with Nat 20 checks.

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The Backstory

He is your Dungeon Daddy, master or your fate, and the bringer of your pain. He made this journey that you are listening to and making you feel as if they have a chance but secretly they do not. A DM that has been doing his passion and crafting it for over 9 years in the making. He is basically Sephiroth to Sakis but also his Zack at times. Humble, but a perfect embodiment of Aku voice and talent. Should be in voice acting for his talented drunk/aggressive dwarf (also adult baby) voices that he can do.

Things that make you say ouch
He is a master of all weapons. Able to pick one up and make a roll check that you will be confused and wondering how he has the skill to make one but you cannot. He only has issues with using a gun when making checks and keeping his allies safe when they are playing recon. Other than that, he is ok at his job...
Needed Protection
He wears a cloak and a pointy hat while he sits on his throne. He is like a mix of Galactus and Infinity Guantlet Doom. He normally wearing a +4 hat of invisibility and pure resistance.
Misc. Gear
Any gear, he makes all of the gear in the story. Your gear is his gear, and his gear is HIS gear!!!
  • Name : Rurk
  • Class : Dungeon Master (Papa DM)
  • Starting Level : 999
  • Level : 999
  • Age : 999
  • Race : Every Race - mostly drunken dwarf
  • Proficiency :
    • - ruining plans that go chaotic - giving a feeling of false hope - making Nat 20 checks that seem like lies
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