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dragon plungers

A wanderer that hangs out with wolves
with a goal for herself and her pack

A beastmaster that loves to touch pets - even those that are not her own.

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Things that make you say ouch
She uses the typical ranger gear of a beastmaster - the good and trusty longbow and dagger set. She runs with her gray wolf Shadow while searching for those that have attacked her homeland years before.
Needed Protection
Wearing leather armor for sneaking around the woods and hunting game in her past, she likes the ability to not be seen and heard when on the hunt. The armor has belts for her
Misc. Gear
After passing the trials, she keeps the guild emblem attached to the inside of her armor for easy concealment.
  • Name : Pyria
  • Class : Ranger (Beastmaster) and Warlock (Celestial)
  • Starting Level : 5
  • Level : 5
  • Age : 369
  • Race : Dark Elf
  • Proficiency :
    • - petting animals that seem adorable - failing to realize that not all animals need to be petted
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