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A member of a redacted organization
that is on a redacted mission

When you want to be mysterious about your past and just be sneaky and hidden among the shadows

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The Backstory

He has a background but if he tells you about it you might end up having to die…so let’s just say I did and you think you know about it. Cool? Cool.

Things that make you say ouch
He likes to stab things and tear off hide from animals, but also likes to shoot an arrow from the shadows in case he needs to be in the background and hunt in the shadows. Always looking to get in a sneak attack or two and stay in the shadows. Currently the holder of the Bow of the High Lord and loving to pin targets against the walls or whatever object is around.
Needed Protection
Likes to keep the vibe of mystery going with the use of a cloak and some studded leather armor. Made some fire guantlets out of a fire rat named Gary, named after the Ranger of the Adventures Guild - snitching - brother.
Misc. Gear
He keeps the horn of respite close to him along with the orb of life to be used whenver he gets low on health. He has his Adventures Guild emblem attached to him but not out in the open. Still wanting others to not know that he is part of a group and a leader of his own pack.
  • Name : Crorkiox
  • Class : Rouge and Blood Hunter (Order of the Ghostslayer)
  • Starting Level : 5
  • Level : 7
  • Age : 18
  • Race : Dark Elf (Drow)
  • Proficiency :
    • - stealth - a man of few words
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