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A man of the faith
that loves to soar across the skies

An acolyte of the sheltered faith that is never closed minded on what is right and wrong.

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The Backstory

Laredo grew up in an enormous lighthouse at the edge of a stormy sea. To its residents, it served more as a temple to the elven storm goddess Aerdrie Faenya. The elves he lived amongst spent centuries becoming powerful clerics, centuries he as only half an elf did not have. Having grown frustrated with their treatment of him as a youth, he plead for guidance from Aerdrie - and was granted an audience with her! She said that she saw in him a great natural talent for stormy magic, and that he must leave the lighthouse for adventure if he wanted to find fulfillment in life. And so he did just that. He journeyed out to join the Elysium Adventurers Guild, determined to forge his own path, and confident that a healthy balance of chaos and fate would guide him to greatness.

Things that make you say ouch
When you are a man of faith, sometimes you have to be a plunger of justice and a mace is perfect for doing just that. It helps with his use of lightning control as a rod that directs the blast to the foe.
Needed Protection
To prevent the issues of being weighted down, he uses a chain mail and shield combo for defesne. The armor is fitting of his faith, nothing too heavy and nothing too light to prevent him from smacking the faith across your face.
Misc. Gear
He keeps a feather of Aerdie Faenya on his person at all times.
  • Name : Brother Laredo [luh-RAY-doh]
  • Class : Sorcerer (Storm Sorcery) and Cleric (Tempest Domain)
  • Starting Level : 5
  • Level : 7
  • Age : 50
  • Race : Half-Elf
  • Proficiency :
    • - friendship - also lightning stuff
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