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Freelancing or Designer of an Agency

05 September 2019 Category : web designeragency

Working as a designer for an agency and as a designer as a freelancer are different things that have their pros and cons. I can tell you what I think of it as of being back as a freelancer since August 2019 once again.

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First Featured Article

05 September 2019 Category : accomplishments

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Working by myself to working with an agency

25 June 2019 Category : web designeragencywork life

The field of User Experience and User Interface has been a long and somewhat turbulent struggle for me through the years. Going from being a freelancer that always use to be treated as a person with talent but not getting paid my due. But that has paved a way for me to learn from my past, learn my craft more through my attempts to get better — which I have, and also join an agency that uses my talents perfectly.

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