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Website Design: Travel Website

15 April 2020 Category : 99designs

I have been working lately on doing contests in my spare time when not working on websites for the recent nonprofits that I am working on. I took myself over to my original design site I started looking for work on 99designs and found a contest for a travel agency website that wanted ideas.

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Possible Change In Platform

24 February 2020 Category : news

So I have been gone from posting for a while now, it has been a minute I know. I have been looking into different platforms so that I can easily bring over my design style and code to my blog to match the feel of the homepage and I decided to work out doing so with Jekyll. The process will be a long one but it will be a change soon and will have the site look and feel as if it is apart of the entire site like before.

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Freelancing or Designer of an Agency

05 September 2019 Category : web designeragency

Working as a designer for an agency and as a designer as a freelancer are different things that have their pros and cons. I can tell you what I think of it as of being back as a freelancer since August 2019 once again.

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