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New Story Coming

25 May 2020 Category : writing

So I am working on a new idea for a story novel that I used to write back in highschool and make it now. I used to write novels and had a whole binder (2 to 3) full of stories that I made while bored.

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Website Design: Travel Website

15 April 2020 Category : 99designs

Recently I made a design for a contest on 99designs for a Travel Agency website. It was done in Adobe XD but didn't make the final cut. Back to the drawing board again guys.

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Possible Change In Platform

24 February 2020 Category : news

A new update coming to the site in the future that will be based on Jekyll static site generator. Saw them a while back and decided to make a whole new site based around their platform.

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Freelancing or Designer of an Agency

05 September 2019 Category : web designeragency

When working as a designer it is a bit easy to handle your own time you work. But agency also works their best to give you some benefits to being in a stable agency.

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First Featured Article

05 September 2019 Category : accomplishments

So a while back I was asked randomly by a company if I could be featured in an article by them for their company and it was a first. It was a major accomplishment for me to be featured on another company website.

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Working by myself to working with an agency

25 June 2019 Category : web designeragencywork life

Lessons learned while working as a freelancer and as well with an agency in my past life.

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